Touchdown: Singapore

“There’s always something new happening in Singapore,” my mom said as we touched down in Singapore for the first time in two years. “It’s a tiny country but it never runs out of exciting things to see or do.”

We agree. We’ve been traveling to Singapore for as long as we could remember. It’s only a short 2-hour flight away from our hometown. This summer alone, we went to Singapore three times (four if you count the layover from Indonesia to South Korea) and there is always something new to experience.

Orchard Road, Singapore


Haji Lane, Singapore

Looking at photos of Singapore, one might think: Is this place even real? And it’s true, the whole country looks like a luxury tropical resort (the words of Nick Young from the book Crazy Rich Asians, which is set in Singapore). With its perfectly manicured gardens, rooftop pools, and impossibly clean streets, Singapore truly captures what a modern city should look like.

Even though we have been there so many times, Singapore never fails to amaze us. It’s always a pleasure to window shop in Orchard Road, to eat until our stomachs can’t take it anymore, or to get lost in Singapore’s many neighborhoods. Best of all, it feels safe to walk around the city, even alone at night! Honestly, the only thing we would change about Singapore is the humidity.

Singapore Satay

Singapore Soup

Chinatown, Singapore

From culinary trips to art exhibitions, from shopping sprees to cultural immersion, Singapore offers everything a traveler could ever ask for- packed in a small, beautiful, green city. Keep an eye out for our next posts to see the different facets of Singapore, collected throughout our years of traveling.

Nighttime at Marina Bay

Fountain Show at Marina Bay

Yayoi Kusama


With love,

Athena Lim and Alysta Lim


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