Touchdown: Thailand

It’s is a land of wonderful surprises. Every little turn we took, every little thing we did unearthed the rich culture that makes up Thailand – bit by delightful bit.




Heaven for Foodies
Walking through the bustling streets of Bangkok at 2 a.m., one could get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of street stalls lining the sidewalks. For us food-lovers, it was heavenly.

We tried everything there was to try. Spicy soups, fried delicacies, fruits bursting with sweetness, brightly colored drinks, and so much more. Some of them we couldn’t pronounce; some we’re not sure what they are, but one thing we’re certain of: Thailand is heaven for food enthusiasts.







A Beautiful Culture
The Thai people are proud of their identity, and it shows. Historic buildings and glittering temples intersperse the city in beautiful enclaves. People share stories about their country, about their lives, and about the rich mix of cultures that unite a nation.

We were inspired. Not just by the beautiful buildings, clothes and customs, but also by the amazing people we met on our way.



Modern Metropolises
Despite the strong culture and tradition, Thailand also has some of the best cities in the world. Skyscrapers line the sky. Bars and clubs abound. These thriving cities pulse with energy that’s just contagious.

Also part of the city experience: bad traffic, anywhere and anytime.











Natural Paradise
Beautiful beaches. Sparkling oceans. Lush forests. Thailand has it all. We hiked through a jungle, saw a waterfall, cruised along a river, rode bikes among green fields, and explored beautiful gardens.


Stay tuned for more posts about our adventures in The Land of Smiles (it’s so aptly named)!

Bangkok | Ayutthaya| Khao Yai National Park


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