About Us

Hi, we are Athena and Alysta. We love to travel, explore different cultures, and get to know people from different places, as we believe that every place and every individual has a story to tell, a story that we hope to capture in our posts.

Unlike many other bloggers, we don’t travel full-time. We lead lives like most of you do. So how do we have time to travel? The secret is using every chance we get to go to a new place. That means good time management and planning.

Most of our travel stories actually take a very short time (as short as a weekend), as we fit a lot of different things in one single day. This allows us to “taste” the  cities and towns we visit, and if we like it, we will come back for a longer, more immersive vacation.

We hope that our journey inspires you all to travel more. We know most of you have full-time jobs or are full-time students. We don’t ask you to give up this life away, because like us, maybe you’re not ready for it. Therefore this blog aims to inspire regular people to travel more, because all of us can always find time to do it. And it doesn’t matter how little time you have, because you can experience several adventures in one single day.

As the quote goes, Carpe Diem! Seize the day!


Tell us which place you would like us to go next here.


106 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Just discovered your blog. Couple of questions as I’m a fairly new blogger.
    What is your WordPress theme as it looks really good?
    Are your photos taken with your phone or do you use a camera? The colours are amazing.
    Hope you find time to reply.


    • Welcome to wordpress, Mike! Our theme is a custom theme (we are in WordPress premium, so we have access to more varieties).

      As for our pictures, we take most of them with our phones! For example, our post about Flamenco Beach was shot entirely on iPhone, while a lot of the pictures we took in Morocco were taken with a DLSR camera.

      Hope that helps!


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