Bangkok: The City of Angels

We were on the back of a taxi when we first heard of it. Traffic was bad- as usual- and we ended up having a long, interesting conversation with the driver.

“Where are you from?” he asked.

“Los Angeles. We’re visiting.”

His face lit up when we said that. He smiled proudly and said, “LA. City of Angels. Our cities share a similar name, you know.”

We didn’t know that. Our friendly driver then launched into a history lesson, where we found out that the Thai name for Bangkok means “City of Angels.”




In many ways, Bangkok is a parallel to LA. They’re so different, but there are little things that remind us of home. The traffic, for one. Sitting in a car for hours- we’re familiar with that! There’s also the rich mix of people from all over the world. Thailand has a thriving expat community, which reminds us a lot of LA. And great food. We could find any kind of cuisine we wanted.





But there’s something very special about Bangkok. There’s a unique identity that words and images simply can’t explain. It’s a place that upholds the past while embracing the future. It’s a place where temples and skyscrapers stand side by side in complete harmony. It’s a place of wonder, of quiet reflection, of endless adventures.


In our next couple posts, we’ll talk all about Bangkok: the shopping, the food, the culture and the national landmarks. Stay tuned!


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